PFR12X – Power4® REX

New in the E-T-A portfolio: the PFR12X switch mode power supply completes the REX system, named „Power4® REX”. Thanks to its compact design and innovative connection technology it saves space and time during installation.

DC 24 V switch mode power supply for the REX system

The new PFR12X switch mode power supplies are the new heart of the REX system supplies all circuit protectors with a stable power output. Currently, there are two 3-phase versions with DC 24 V / 20 A and with DC 24 V / 40 A available.

The primary side is designed for a high input voltage range, enabling operation with AC voltages from 320 V up to 575 V or DC voltages from 450 V to 820 V. The low power loss and the more than 95% high efficiency factor reduces energy waste and ensures a long typical life. The device provides a stable output characteristic. This means it can provide a 50 % more current for a few seconds. For very short periods, it can provide a 400 % peak current. Furthermore, we have adapted the output characteristic specifically for the REX circuit protectors, providing an ideal protection concept.

You can easily connect all modules without additional accessories thanks to the well-proven and patented connection technology. This simplifies installation and system extensions, providing a very time-saving concept. The push-in terminals also optimise wiring outside the REX system. But the greatest benefit of the Power4® REX switch mode power supply is its space-saving design.

The improved design of the PFR12X, adapted to the REX system, does not only save up to 35 % volume but, combined with other REX components, it also only consumes 60 % of the previously required area.

This is realised through minimal convection cooling dis tances, the down-facing terminals of all components and the slim protection and potential distribution modules. The PFR12X is not only fully integrated into the REX system electro-mechanically, it also includes communication. All switch mode power supplies can be operated both in the BASE or in the COM REX system, enabling various diagnostic, status and parameter data transfers. The data transfer to the control is done via ControlPlex® controller, providing high transparency.

Your benefits

  • Saves up to 35 % volume and 60 % space through the compact design and short convection distances
  • Facilitates construction through standardised design and few components
  • Saves time during mounting and installation through simple connection of the modules with push-in connection technology
  • Increases machine uptime through robust design and high transparency