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Safe power distribution for voltages up to DC 400 V

Higher voltages for the active technology supply in the telecommunication technology area have been discussed for years. While existing systems are normally not retrofitted due to the high costs involved, this option is quite popular for newly built control rooms and data centres.

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The future is DC

Higher DC voltages are the next technological evolutionary stage in the industrial sector. But these networks place completely new demands on overcurrent protection. We are already working on solutions for these future challenges.

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New ways in high voltage protection

Electronic vehicles are already a mass market. Relatively long charging times, expensive batteries and rather low ranges are still critical challenges, but are being improved quickly. We also support the development of sustainable mobility and provide some insight into current and future high-voltage battery switching and protection concepts.

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E-T-A to power feed active systems in OpenRAN

The new Radio Network, OpenRAN, has caused a lot of discussion as a upcoming future technology of radio networks. The mobile, or cellular/wireless network contains two parts; the Radio Access Network (RAN) and the Core Network (Core). RAN is the link between the network and the mobile phone. It is the part of network people are seeing and includes the radio antennas and towers.

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Condition Monitoring for DC 24 V protection and power distribution

The fourth industrial revolution has a strong influence on the machine building industry. The constant goal is to increase machine uptime and the output quantity through digitisation. A particularly large number of resources are devoted to topics such as targeted data collection, smart services and special Condition Monitoring systems for an optimised remote and on-site [...]

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