PFR12X – Power4® REX

New in the E-T-A portfolio: the PFR12X switch mode power supply completes the REX system, named „Power4® REX”. Thanks to its compact design and innovative connection technology it saves space and time during installation.

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E-T-A to power feed active systems in OpenRAN

The new Radio Network, OpenRAN, has caused a lot of discussion as a upcoming future technology of radio networks. The mobile, or cellular/wireless network contains two parts; the Radio Access Network (RAN) and the Core Network (Core). RAN is the link between the network and the mobile phone. It is the part of network people are seeing and includes the radio antennas and towers.

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A stable network at all times

Either remote access to systems or connecting employees in the home office, due to increasing digitisation, a permanent internet connection is essential. With the modular ControlPlex® Rack power distribution system we provide one of the key components for installing stable communication networks.

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Highest flexibility and transparency

The globalisation of the world economy has bright and dark sides. Global players in plant construction and process control industry have built a worldwide network of locations. This enables short transport routes and often reduces production costs.

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Top performance in continuous operation

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag stands for tradition and innovation in injection moulding technology from Germany and Japan, combining the strengths of both countries. With more than 3,000 employees, Sumitomo is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of injection-moulding machines.

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Internationally communicative

Automation production facilities are often planned differently based on regional requirements. This is due to historical developments and the different distribution of automation manufacturers.

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A strong duo

Our REX portfolio offers a solution for nearly every DC 24 V application. The system consists of different supply and power distribution modules, the REX12 one- and two-channel electronic circuit protectors up to 10 A, which can be mounted side by side modularly and the newly developed electronic circuit protector REX22.

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Decentralised power for the automotive industry

Industry 4.0 – automation, digitisation, decentralisation. These subjects are currently being discussed and implemented in car production. Plants are expected to become ever more flexible, modular and efficient. This can be accomplished with decentralisation, which saves time, space and costs.

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