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Познакомтесь с новейшими разработками из отраслей технологии защитных выключателей, системной техники и систем распределения тока.

ControlPlex® Board with SVS201-CP

Specially for automation: Bus communication for DC 24 V control circuits 

The new power distribution system ControlPlex® Board type SVS201-CP allows the continuing analysis of the load currents and load voltage now also on the DC 24 V level. This can future be purposefully used for the energy consumption behaviour of machinery and equipment.

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ControlPlex® with SVS16-EN

Communication instead of standard wiring

The power distribution board SVS16-EN is the core of the ControlPlex® Board system and offers a combination of selective overcurrent protection and power distribution of load circuits including switching, protecting and diagnosis of the connected 24 V components. 

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Powerful switched mode power supplies SMP

E-T-A extends their product range on the score of DC 24 V supplies on the control voltage level by offering switched mode power supplies type SMP. 

The powerful switched mode power supplies for DIN rail mounting are suitable for all automation solutions in process control and machinery construction. 

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Appliance Inlet Module X3120

A new combination module with overcurrent circuit breaker and C20 appliance inlet helps to systematically reduce single components. This is a major factor of success for a cost-saving design.

The new appliance inlet module type X3120 combines three functions in one unit: a C20 appliance inlet with a rocker-actuated or pushbutton-actuated circuit breaker with integral overcurrent protection. 

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Electronic timer relay ETR10

The electronic timer relay ETR10 made by E-T-A combines functions such as time delay, pulse output and blinking with an electronic overcurrent protection in one relay. 

The solid state relay is suitable for many applications because it can be configured individually depending on the requirements.

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