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Классические системы токораспределения

Typical Applications
Ideally suited to the design of power distribution units, e.g. in a control cabinet, where circuit breakers or protectors are connected to a common entry line and protect individual loads and supply lines against overcurrent and short circuit. All mechanical elements required for the design as well as electrical wiring is included in the power distribution system. These solutions are also available as 19î racks.

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Modular power distribution system for ESS20-003 with 4, 8, 12 or 16 slots

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Modular power distribution system for ESS20-003, ESX10-103, 2210-S21. and 3600

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10-way cascadable DC 24 V power distribution system

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The power distribution system offers ten ways for ESS20-003, ESX10-103, 2210-S21. and 3600

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Bus-capable power distribution system for PROFIBUS-DP accommodating electronic circuit protector type ESX10-115/125 or SSRPC type E-1048-7

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Power distribution system SVS18 optimises the DC 24 V distribution

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Modular power distribution system for short circuit limited DC 24 V applications

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Power distribution system with 8 slots for circuit protector type REF16-S114

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Track-mountable power distribution system SVS25

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