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Системы Power-D-Box®


Ideal for power distribution in the areas TELECOMMUNICATION (cellular, Internet access, transmission and switching technology.) industry elle switching and control systems for chemical, oil and gas - Power Engineering & Environmental Engineering, Pharma & Food, steel industry.


Power-D-Box systems are highly modular  power distribution units and are available in the following configurations:

  • PCB
  • Wiring
  • Economy Power-D-Box
  • Compact Power-D-Box
  • High-Power D-Box

The entire product line is characterised by a low-cost and easy to install connections, serviceability and high availability.

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High Power-D-Box®

2U 19inch power distribution system Compact, High-Power version

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Economy Power-D-Box®

2U 19inch power distribution system Compact, Economy version

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Power-Distribution-Module for 2210/3600/ESS20/ESS30/ESX10

Power distribution system, 30 ways, for plug-in type circuit breakers, de-coupling diodes

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Flexible Power-D-Box® with pcb for 3600/2210/

19" 2U power distribution system with printed circuit board, redundant or non-redundant

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Power-D-Box® Printed Circuit Board Version for 2216/REF16

Compact 19" power distribution system for 30 miniaturised circuit breakers, complete wiring included

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Power-Distribution-Module for 2216/REF16

Compact power distribution system with printed circuit board for rear wall mounting in control cabinets

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