Inventory, logistics, materials handling technology and driverless transportation systems - protection and power distribution solutions in compliance with the relevant standards, in times of Industry 4.0 and IoT

Protection and power distribution solutions for DC and AC circuits

The requirements for permanent availability of inventory, logistics and transportation solutions as well as the transparency of processes are constantly increasing. The more automation technology there is, the higher is the demand for protection solutions.

E-T-A offers suitable circuit breakers and comprehensive protection and distribution systems, both for DC and AC circuits, to meet this challenge.

Clever customised solutions for protection are our core competence, especially in the AC 120 V, 230/400 V range, as well as the protection of primary pulsed DC 12 V, DC 24 V and DC 48 V switch mode power supplies, while ensuring selectivity.

Best availability

The E-T-A portfolio offers tailor-made solutions for your DC 24 V protection with electronic overcurrent protection and communication via IO link.

Our circuit protectors offer superior quality in connection with smart communication and allow complete transparency of the DC 24 V power supply. Remote diagnosis as well as precise trouble-shooting supply the necessary information at an early stage for a quick remedy and increase machine uptime significantly.

Space and time savings

E-T-A systems for overcurrent protection are designed extremely compact and flexible.

The slim devices allow modular and simple wiring adapted to your protection solution for driverless transportation systems - FTS, Shuttles and centralised or decentralised automation solutions.

Individually applicable

Centralised and decentralised distribution concepts, supply and energy distribution cabinets have their merits in construction engineering.

E-T-A’s solutions are remarkably flexible and modular while having no need for further accessories, thus being applicable without restrictions in both worlds.

Our Products for your applications:

Storing, conveying & transporting, picking, handling - we offer comprehensive protection solutions in all areas of automation.

  • Decentralised design of a DC 24 V supply in a »decentralised electrical cabinet«
  • Design of a DC 24 V/DC 48 V supply in a »centralised electrical cabinet«
  • Design of a »driverless transportation system«

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