Circuit Breakers, Power Relays & SSRPCs | Construction machinery

From innovative components over customer-specific system solutions to joint design work

Intelligent power distribution, power relays and circuit breakers for protection, switching and monitoring

We provide more safety and more reliability for your machinery. Are you looking for conventional or innovative protection solutions for your construction machinery? E-T-A products are one step ahead of state-of-the-art.

Our products allow taking the next steps towards digitisation, reduction of installation space and increased efficiency. Protect and switch your loads professionally by using circuit breakers and relays and follow the trend of communication and cross-linking via the CAN bus.

Predictive maintenance

On a construction site, unforeseen failures are always connected with high costs and risks. Comprehensive diagnostic data and a history memory allow early failure detection. Thus, predictive maintenance prevents standstills.

E-T-A’s CAN-capable products, particularly intelligent power distribution systems with current and voltage diagnosis, are able to provide a data basis for preventive measures already today.

Enhanced uptime

In many cases, unscheduled machine downtime corresponds to a worst-case scenario. Precious time is lost and additional costs arise. Increase the uptime of your machinery by using our reliable and robust products.

Our electronic relays and power distribution systems allow wear-free switching over the entire lifetime of your machinery.

Enhanced efficiency

The rising number of electrical loads in construction machinery requires more installation space and power. Compact E-T-A relays and power distribution systems allow you to save space and reduce wiring efforts. Circuit breakers and power distribution systems with integral load protection can easily be reset. This saves time with trouble-shooting and failure remedy.


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