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E-T-A Product Security Incidence Response Team

E-T-A’s PSIRT introduces themselves

E-T-A’s Product Security Incidence Response Team (PSIRT) is the responsible control centre for receiving, processing and publishing security gaps and incidents relating to our products. All messages indicating security gaps in E-T-A products can be reported to the PSIRT, whether externally or internally. The team consists of experts from all development departments to ensure that the reports are processed as quickly as possible.

Reporting and processing of security gaps

If you suspect that you have discovered a security gap in one of our components, please contact us immediately. Your report enables us to close security gaps and continue to provide you and other customers with secure products. Describe the security gap in an email to with the following information:

  • Affected products
  • Affected versions
  • Type and effect of security gap
  • Procedure for tracing the security gap
  • Contact information (email)

The PSIRT will contact you within 2 workdays after your report and request further information if necessary. Outside the PSIRT, we will process your enquiry anonymously, i.e. only information about the security gap is passed on to the responsible design engineers. The PSIRT will coordinate the publishing of the security gap with you so that you have sufficient time to implement corrective measures. If you wish, we will provide your contact information as security expert when publishing the security gap.

E-T-A Security Advisories

We publish a Security Advisory for each security gap in our products that we are aware of. These documents provide a description of the security gap, including measures to mitigate the risks of the gap. If an update is available for the security gap of the affected products, you will find a reference to the update in the advisory.

All published security gaps are available in our Download Centre under Security Advisories.

Information about Industrial Security

For the safe start-up, operation, maintenance and disposal of E-T-A components, you will find a document with general information on industrial security in the Download Centre or via the link below. You can find further information regarding specific E-T-A components in the respective product documentation.

Download document (PDF)


Please contact the PSIRT preferably in encrypted form.


Download certificate

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