Solid State Remote Power Controllers


Solid state remote power controllers are used for reliable protection, switching and monitoring of DC 24 V circuits and loads in the steel industry, automation and chemical industry.

Technical design

SSRPCs are suitable for reliable switching, protecting and monitoring of resistive and inductive loads.  The offer a range of functions including overload and short circuit protection as well as wire break detection, they help to avoid consequential damage or system downtimes, thereby reducing costs.


Solid State Remote Power Controller (DC 24 V, max. 4A), providing protection and signalisation


Solid state remote power controller E-1048-S7... (DC 24 V, max. 5 A)


Smart Power Relay (DC 9...32 V, max. 20 A), remotely controllable electronic load disconnection relay


Double pole SSRPC (DC 24 V, max. 3 A), 2 fault indications


Double pole SSRPC
(DC 24 V, max. 3 A)


SPR10-T Smart Power Relay, DC 12 V / DC 24 V, track-mountable, fixed current ratings, single channel


Double pole SSRPC (DC 24 V, max. 2 A), 2 fault indications, 1 status indication

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