Type 2-6500

~ 61 mm
Typ 2-6500 von E-T-A: Bimetallbetätigtes, selbstrückstellendes, einpoliges Überstromschutzrelais in platzsparender Bauweise.


Bimetal operated single pole motor protection controls with automatic reset actuation, small physical size, reliable snap-action mechanism.

Caution: In specifying these 2 products, care should be taken to ensure that automatic motor re-start does not represent a safety hazard.

Technical Data

Voltage rating
  • AC 250 V (50/60 Hz)
  • DC 28 V
Current ratings from 0.1 A up to 10 A  (up to 15 A upon request)
Number of poles single pole
Mounting method flange
Terminal design blade terminals
Actuation without actuation
Typical life 100,000 operations at 2 x IN

Protection is ensured for 18 days of continuous locked rotor condition with Ik <= 6 x IN max. 30 A (unsupervised duty)
Interrupting capacity Icn 8 x IN (co-co-co)
Certificates UL


  • Household, Hobby & Garden Equipment


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